4 Factors to Consider Before You Go Looking for a Professional Transcription Service

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Transparency Market Research reports that the medical transcription services market generated revenue of about 41.4 billion dollars in 2012, with a growth projection of about 5.6 percent. That’s going to mean a revenue of about 60.6 billion dollars by the time 2019 rolls in.

That’s just one of the many industries that professional transcription services provide for. If you’re looking for one, here are several things you need to factor in:

Your needs

What do you need? Do you put a premium on speed over quality? Maybe you need a transcription service that specializes in your field of business?


How much are you willing to pay? While low-cost options might prove tempting, keep in mind that quality results often require more time and effort—and thus—pay. Best to strike a balance between cost and quality, instead of sacrificing one for the other.


How soon can they turn in the work? Many professional transcription services provide fast turn-around times, as short or as 24 or 12 hours. However, expect to pay more for those rush deadlines. If you can for the standard turnaround times, that could save you on plenty of costs, especially you send in translation projects on a regular basis.


These days, more and more consumers are seeing the value of online reviews. Plenty now browse online for positive reviews before they buy a book, book a table at a restaurant or use a service. You’ll want to do the same thing. Scout around for online reviews about the transcription companies on your list. That should help you get a better gauge on the kind of reputation the company enjoys.

Before you look for a transcription company, make sure you keep these factors in mind. These should give you a good idea on where to start.

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