5 Hiring Tips to Help You Find a Foreign Language Translator

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Searching for the right foreign language translator can be a boatload of tiresome. No worries, though. Here are great interview questions to help you find one who will be perfect for the work you have in mind:

Do you have an area of specialization?

Depending on the needs of your project, you might find a translator who specializes in, say, healthcare or legal areas, to be a much better fit. However, there are times when you simply need one who can work a great number of generic translation projects. Know what you need and use that to decide which candidates prove to be a better match.

Do you have certifications?

Qualified translators often have certifications as proof of their training and experience. It would be better to hire someone with the proper certifications if you want to make sure you get superior results and quality.

What kind of training do you have?

This can involve anything from their education or any work they’ve done in the past. Practical, hands-on experience and knowledge are winning qualities so keep an eye out for these when you scout around for a foreign language translator.

How do you translate?

Does the translator translate every word? That could turn out to be long, inconvenient and tedious, says The Balance. Instead, you’ll want to go for translators who can listen to a statement, quickly get the gist of the statement and deliver that message. That’s fast, accurate and efficient.

What kind of problems have you encountered in the past?

This one’s a test of how the translator handles problems on the job.. If the candidate seems to panic much too easily, you might need to keep looking until you find one who doesn’t wring his/her hands in panic and simply proceeds to look for solutions to get the job done.

These interview questions might not answer everything but they can serve as a handy guide to you.

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