Why Hire Translators for Marketing Content?

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We have a lot of businesses hire a translation professional for international conferences and meetings with foreign partners who help to build international business relations. It isn’t only in-person translation that is helpful and good for business. Translators can also be invaluable for web content and printed material as well. If you are designing a website for an essential service, multiple language options translated accurately are even more important.

1. Articles

Articles and long form content are among the most effective marketing materials for businesses as they provide useful content for customers and are easily picked up by search engines. It makes sense to have these articles translated to reach new markets, but free online tools such as Google Translate don’t take context into account and provide an inaccurate translation. They are intended only for translating individual words rather than lengthy material. This can result in incidents such as one reported by Mentalfloss in which a poorly translated article resulted in a temporary dip in the stock market. By translating all articles accurately, they will be picked up by search engines and bring customers to your site from multiple nations.

2. Advertising

Slogans make up a large part of brand identity, but it is difficult to translate them effectively into other languages. The right translation professional can provide you with more than just a direct translation but help you to come up with something that works just as well in another culture.

3. Cultural Differences

No matter the type of material, it is essential to take cultural differences into account when translating. Smashing Magazine says that, for example, sarcasm doesn’t exist in the Japanese language so a more lighthearted conversational article can’t always be translated literally. Some other languages aren’t read left to right as English is so websites will need to be designed slightly differently for easy scanning and reading. Even languages that also use Roman letters can read completely differently on a computer screen.

But if there is a large potential market you are intending to reach, the right translation can still help you speak to their culture without causing a mishap.

Translators will not only pay for themselves in business meetings but also when translating web content, advertising slogans, or any written material that businesses may need. With our interpretors, you can reach more markets than ever before and provide assistance to all of your customers.

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