Entertainment & Leisure usually refers to tourism and cinema in the linguistic world. However, there are so many more possibilities in which the term can be used. Including:





GMD Linguistics not only possess years of experience in the subject matter, but we have worked with some of the biggest names in Hollywood and foreign film institutes across the globe. Here are a few examples of how GMD Linguistics can service your E & L needs:

  • Translate your magazines, tourism brochures, travel books and film guides.
  • Dub and subtitle your movies, shows and personal videos. We have dubbed and subtitled for some of the biggest player in the film industry. We have dedicated voice-over actors and actresses who have worked with GMD Linguistics constantly since our inception.
  • Interpret for your tourists groups or foreign business partners. We have accompanied everyone from tour groups to prime ministers.
  • Let us localize or configure your website to help promote and better represent your films, shows or ads.

GMD Linguistics has provided linguistic services to those in the E & L industries for over a decade now. Entertainment & Leisure can certainly be fun and exciting, but it is always very serious work. Your masterpieces and works or art are on the line and need to be properly represented to the world and your clientele. GMD Linguistics can be trusted and guarantees every second of its hard work and dedication. Let us show you why some of the biggest and brightest stars have confided in GMD Linguistics time after time.

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