The legal field is probably the first thing to come to most people’s minds when they think about linguistic services. A lot of people hear ‘translation’ or ‘interpretation’ and instantly think of a court interpreter or legal documents. Sure, those are two major things in the linguistic world and definitely a big part of what GMD Linguistics does, but there are so many more examples and possibilities:


An extremely popular legal linguistic services. Whether you are in a small legal battle or two multi-national corporations in litigation, GMD Linguistics has provided top-quality interpretation services for years on end.


Blueprints, government documents and politic interpreting. GMD Linguistics has interpreted for governments, head-of-states and various prime ministers.


Often times interpreters are required and a large number of documents (like birth certificates and personal records) needs translating in these type of instances.

Whether you are immigrating to a new country, a witness in a legal case or a government official involved in foreign negotiations; GMD Linguistics possesses the know-how and expertise to provide you with the utmost professional services.

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